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1 03 2010

Hi all,

It’s time for action. 

The Idaho Legislature’s Joint Finance-Appropriations Committee (JFAC) will be setting the budget for the Idaho Dept. of Parks & Recreation (IDPR) a week from tomorrow, Monday, March 8.

So this coming week is our time to make a difference. It’s time to send an email to JFAC members and your local legislators and let them know how you feel.

We have worked with several affiliated groups and people to develop a position statement for Friends of Idaho Parks & Recreation.

Our position:

1. IDPR has taken more than its share of cuts. An 80 % cut in one year is not fair, compared to cuts in the 10-20% range for other state agencies. 

2. Deep budget cuts will cause State Parks services to suffer. Ask for general fund support of $3 million, instead of $1.6 million, to ensure that our State Parks are cared for properly.

3. Idaho’s 30 state parks are an economic engine for rural Idaho. Many rural counties in Idaho have double-digit unemployment. The state needs to keep State Parks functioning at a high level to provide tourism income for rural counties and the state of Idaho.

4. The Idaho Legislature needs to create an interim committee to evaluate long-term funding issues for IDPR. If the true agenda is to get IDPR removed from the general fund, and yet lawmakers and Gov. Otter want to keep all state parks open, then we need to develop a long-term vision for funding IDPR. Let’s work on this together.

JFAC members:

Senate Finance

House Appropriations

Dean Cameron, Co-chairman
Rupert, ID 
District 26
Maxine Bell, Co-chairman
Jerome, ID 
District 26, Seat B
Shawn Keough
Sandpoint, ID 
District 1
Darrell Bolz
Caldwell, ID 
District 10, Seat B
Joyce Broadsword
Sagle, ID 
District 2
George Eskridge
Dover, ID 
District 1, Seat B
Steve Bair
Blackfoot, ID 
District 28
Clifford Bayer
Boise, ID 
District 21, Seat B
James Hammond
Coeur d’Alene, ID 
District 5
Frank Henderson
Post Falls, ID 
District 5, Seat B
Jeff Siddoway
Terreton, ID 
District 35
Janice McGeachin
Idaho Falls, ID 
District 32, Seat A
Bert Brackett
Rogerson, ID 
District 23
Fred Wood
Burley, ID 
District 27, Seat B
Dean Mortimer
Idaho Falls, ID 
District 32
Jim Patrick
Twin Falls, ID 
District 23, Seat A
Diane Bilyeu
Pocatello, ID 
District 29
Shirley Ringo
Moscow, ID 
District 6, Seat B
Nicole LeFavour
Boise, ID 
District 19
Wendy Jaquet
Ketchum, ID 
District 25, Seat A

Follow this link to email or contact any Idaho legislator:

Please do what you can. We’re concerned that if we’re not able to boost funding for IDPR, then the wheels are going to fall off our State Parks. We can’t let that happen.

Thanks. Best, Steve Stuebner
Friends of Idaho Parks & Recreation

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2 responses

2 03 2010
Keith E. Briggs

Please let Harriman park stay open , summer amd winter use is key for this beautifulIsland park area .

5 03 2010
Marie Clay

Thank you Steve for all of your hard work on this!

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